Carnal Viscera

Carnal Viscera are about to bring their technicolor death metal show to Bad Habit Records as part of their east coast tour, joined by The Plague and Unbound. We caught up with the band’s head honcho to talk horror movies, gallows humour and stalking cult Australian actors.

BAD HABIT: We chatted about how there’s a Sydney metal sound. To me it’s sort of bogan, jokey, extreme. Bit different to Melbourne, that’s a bit more straight-faced and serious. Maybe it’s the legacy of Sadistik Exekution? How would you describe Sydney extreme metal, and how does Carnal Viscera fit into It?

CARNAL VISCERA: I mean, with Sydney it really depends what part of the overall metal scene you’re talking about. But to sum it up, we have a lot of hardworking bands across the board. Sydney seems to have a holdover “pub rock” attitude; most bands are keen as fuck to play in front of people and are not shy to have fun while doing it.

BH: In your song “Wrong night to pull over”, you have Roger Ward, the cult Australian actor, doing an intro. How the fuck did that come about?

CV: To put it simply, I stalked the poor man online and found his contact and asked him. He is a super down to earth bloke, he doesn’t know anything about metal but was enthusiastic because we were enthusiastic, definitely a 10/10 bloke and Australian treasure. 

BH: There’s a big influence of VHS era horror and schlock movies in the band. What came first out of movies or metal in your development as an underground maniac? 

CV: Dunno, I just love it, I think horror films came first for me. Standing around in the horror section as a kid knowing I wasn’t cool enough to rent Leatherface and religiously watching Godzilla films.

Fuck dunno, the descent into extreme music and cinema just kinda naturally happens when you froth over it, you just keep digging and more cool stuff pops up (part of the fun), hahaha.

BH: What was your first exposure to cinema outside the mainstream and extreme metal? Is your brain damaged in a serious way from these encounters?

CV: ahahahahahah brain damage… think it’s healthy to be exposed to this kinda creative violence or whatever you wanna call it. Like gallows humour – it’s just a way for one to express themselves.

BH: What are the top 5 movies people should watch to understand Carnal Viscera?

CV: The list is endless but to throw out five, it would be:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Road Warrior
Cannibal Holocaust
Zombie Flesh Eaters

BH: Top 5 albums that have impacted your head and formed the musical stew of CV…

CV: Can only speak for myself here but my top 5 would be:

The Bleeding – Cannibal Corpse 
The Dethalbum – Dethklok
Reign in Blood – Slayer
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo
Monolith of Inhumanity – Cattle Decapitation

BH: Anything else to add? What can people expect from the Queensland shows?

CV: Loud, dumb, fun!

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