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Cursed Earth Posters, Subtle Chains/Bad Habit Tracksuit pants and Top 5 records of the week


We will send them out free with any Lp or 12" order, they will be folded up to fit, or if you want one mailed in a poster mailer so its nice and crisp and fold-line-free go and order one from the store. The price is high to account for the costs of the unique style of postage.

I hope this isn't all too confusing

In Tracksuit Pants News

The Subtle Chains/Bad Habit tracksuit pants have been held up slightly be the acquiring of glow in the dark printing ink. It seems no-one has done any glow in the dark screenprinting since the 70's so getting the ink has been an ordeal. But hopefully by the end of the week the pre-orders will be printed and sent out and the remainder will be up on the Bad Habit and Subtle Chains webstores.

There's also a ton of new records up on the webstore.

This weeks top 5 records are:

  1. Brigadao Do Odio Discography lp (Killer pre-grind Brazilian madness from 84)
  2. Charles Manson Way of the Wolf lp (Late prison recordings)
  3. Extinct Exist Anthropocene lp(Epic melb crust)
  4. Xasthur Hidden Lore lp (Early Singapore black metal, lover of puppies)
  5. Territory s/t lp (Like Stalin airbrushed out enemies from old photos, this record has been airbrushed out of Australian punk history. Forgotten lumberjack yelling into a foggy night epic crust from Perth)

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