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Webstore update and Citizen Rat show and reprint of old Scrapyard interview

Just Updated the webstore with some more records. Some real killers. Like the Mommy lp. Reminds me of Rudimentary Peni in that it feels like punk music made by people struggling with their mental health and their place in a world gone insane. Recommended.

new records are-

Oily Boys- Cro Memory Grin lp

Necrot -Mortal lp

PMS84-Easy way out Lp

Pig Destroyer-Book Burner lp

Pig Destroyer-Octagonal Stairway lp

Mommy-Songs About Children lp

Power Trip-Opening Fire lp

Power Trip- Nightmare Logic lp

Poison Idea-Pick Your King 12"

Also this Saturday, our buddies Citizen Rat are playing with The Haters, Old Home and few others at the Black box in Nambour. We'll have a few boxes of records at this show, so swing by and support your local culture.

A year or 2 back we did an interview with Dartanyon, the mastermind behind Scrapyard and Citizen Rat. It's mostly about a short-lived venue he had a part in running, so it's not that relevant to this Saturday, but thought it might be nice to reprint it here on the new Bad Habit page. Check it out below--

1) This Saturday is the grand opening of Scrapyard. What exactly, in 400 words or less, is Scrapyard and why should the everyday person on the street come out for it, especially when there's such quality TV on Netflix. Some of those games on the PS4 are pretty good as well.

Dartanyon- Scrapyard to me is a chance for the little guy to have a shot. There's heaps of venues around, but the problem is it's almost impossible to get gigs at some of them.  We're hoping to create a space that will welcome fresh bands and artist with open arms, and try give them opportunity to kick ass right from the get go. When your first starting out there's always this awkward limbo of struggling for gigs. Eventually they start appearing like crazy but that can take ages. Also there's nowhere on the coast for the heavy scene. We need somewhere for the punks and metalheads to let loose, and right now that doesn't really exist. As for those who might prefer to sit at home watching tv rather then support local artists, it's time for a change in your ways. These dudes are working their arses off in an attempt to create something epic for your enjoyment. You can sit at home with your entertainment system 6 nights a week, but on that 7th night it's time to rock!

2) What could we expect on the day? I understand it's not just music right? What supplies should punters bring along? Ive heard there's a free keg for the first 20 payers into the event?

Dartanyon- Our opening is pretty well just a showcase of some of the sunny coasts talents, we have 10 bands on and they all fucking rock! It's just bands for this one, but we'll be showcasing art from local artists in expeditions in the near future. Just rock up with a couple beers and come for a mosh or a chillout, whatever you're into doesn't matter. I haven't heard of the keg as of yet hahaha, if you've organised a sneaky keg I'll welcome it gladly! 

3) Dartanyon, you are involved a band yourself, can you explain some of the concepts behind the band. Can you give some history about how you formed and what's been rockin' in the last few years.

Dartanyon- Yeah I've had a little punk outfit going for a couple years now called Scrappy Coco. Originally I intended for it to be a comedy/ folk/ punk hybrid, but it very quickly began to head towards horror punk. Can't complain about that though, I'm really enjoying what we're doing with out music. It's also a great way to express myself through visual art. I design all of our posters and make all our band shirts too, which is a bit of a process but its heaps of fun, and I'm stoked with the end result. We've been keeping busy over the last couple years, I think we must have played around 30 gigs last year and recorded a 15 track album. We're just waiting for the right time to drop it. 

4) What is the best and worst area's in the Sunshine Coast. We are reasonably new arrivals here, but Nambour is sick, and probably the best spot on the coast, and Noosa is the worst. Just full of wankers. What do you think?

Dartanyon- There's good and bad qualities in every town, for example, I get tattooed in Landsborough at Dragonfly, but I sure as fuck don't wanna go for a nice stroll through the town, simply because a nice stroll is impossible there. Noosa is beautiful and has great surf, but it's just massively over crowded and in large crowds there's always gonna be wankers. There's should some kind of wankers per capita rating for each town so people can choose where to steer away from hahaha.

5) Cheers for answering these questions, anything you'd like to add?  Are we gonna all die in a man made global apocalypse?

Dartanyon- No worries at all man. Nothing to add other than come to this show! I 100% believe there is a high chance those spineless money hungry cunts in charge will be the end of us all. That's why we need to band together and work our arses off to undo the atrocities our leaders have bestowed upon us and our earth. It's getting close, but it's not too late to unfuck the world!

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