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Abigail and Nuclear War Now! have been the closest of allies since they first agreed to release the band’s seminal debut album, “Intercourse and Lust,” on vinyl in 2002, which was shortly thereafter followed by the band’s first mini-tour of the U.S., also under the sponsorship of NWN! Over the next nine years, the label released two subsequent Abigail full-lengths as well as several EPs and, most recently, the “Lord of Satan” compilation of some of the band’s earliest recordings. During this time, Abigail’s sound and themes have morphed to some degree, but their ability to successfully incorporate a consistent core of different influences has always remained. Whereas their earliest output afforded them status as one of the archetypal Japanese black metal bands, along with others like Sabbat and Sigh, later recordings exhibited a greater degree of speed metal, gritty street punk, and lyrics littered with sleazy sexual depravity.

With their fifth studio album, “The Final Damnation,” hereby released o


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