Abigail “The Lord of Satan” lp


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3rd pressing of 250 copies on Jade (aka coke bottle green) vinyl with 3mm jacket and insert.

Contains tracks from their split with Funeral Winds, as well as the songs from the Descending from a Blackend Sky and Confound Eternal EPs.

The relationship between Abigail and NWN! goes back to the 2002 vinyl release of the band’s first album, “Intercourse and Lust.” Since that time, Abigail and NWN! have each mutated into different beasts; however, the relationship between these two forces has remained intact through the years. To honor the nearly 20 year legacy of Abigail, NWN! is proud to present this vinyl collection of some of the band’s earliest work. Along with pioneers Sabbat and Sigh, Abigail have long been recognized as among the most influential Black Metal bands to have emerged from beneath the banner of the Rising Sun. While, in recent years, Abigail has shifted its focus to a more depraved blackened thrash sound, the early work presented on this LP is pure Black Metal played in a


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