Antiseen “Honour Amoung Theives” lp


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-A stunning reissue of the 1985 debut album from notorious Destruco-Rock tormentors ANTISEEN.
-Remastered to bring their songs of hate, drunkeness, debauchery, violence, incest and murder to their full glory.
-Limited edition colored vinyl pressing.
-Includes a 24×20 poster.

1. Intro- Boom Boom Bamalam
2. I Don’t Ask You For Nothin’
3. Jailbait
4. Absent Minded
5. Interlude – OD Speaks
6. Meat Market
7. Queen City Stomp
8. Lil’ Sister
9. Drug Thur The Mud
10. Tortured Soul
11. Colorado 0A5599

1. Hammerhead
2. Wifebeater
3. War Hero
4. Face Full Of Teeth
6. Destructo Rock
7. Outro- Thank The Hell Outta YO


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