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Lyden Nå is the sixth and final full-length studio album from Australian death metal/grindcore band Blood Duster. The title translates to The Now Sound from Norwegian and was given this name in tribute to the early black metal scene. This is a triple album containing two full CDs and a downloadable track. CD one features death rock while the second CD is grindcore, the downloadable track is a 21-minute drone doom piece.

The album includes contributions from numerous guest musicians, the most significant of whom is Darryl Cotton. Other guests include Pod People guitarist and former Blood Duster member Josh Nixon, Rob Mollica of the Melbourne death metal band Earth, Jay Jones of Fuck…I’m Dead, S.S. Carrotman of Baron Haze and Craig Westwood of Dernrutlidge and Christbait. Westwood provides lead vocals on the track “The Night They Burned Ol’ Emo Down”.

Lyden Nå debuted in the Australia independent music album chart at #9. Drummer Matt Rizzo was dismissed from the group in September 2007 before their tour with Napalm Death, and replaced by Dave Healey. Rizzo returned in 2015. A promotional video was made for the track “PissStomper”.


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