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This album was surrounded by some controversy. There was originally supposed to be bonus CD-ROM material included with the album but, due to censorship rules in Australia and the distributor not putting ratings on it, this material was censored, along with several photos that were to appear in the CD booklet.

The CD-ROM was to include live footage of Blood Duster performing Kill Kill Kill, 66.6 on Your FM Dial and Derek, as well as a video of the band performing DrinkFightFuck at the single’s launch. There was also a video entitled “D-Unit’s Metal for the Brain 2005” that was censored because it showed certain band members taking drugs, namely cocaine. Some of the material that was supposed to be on the CD-ROM can be accessed at the band’s website using the HippieKillTeam password hidden in the CD case.

Although some photos were censored in the compiling of the CD booklet, it still contains 125 small colour photos, including some featuring nudity and oral sex.


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