Cerebral Erosion “demo” cassette Tape


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Gorey Grindcore from Matt from Shackles/Shitgrinder etc. Gross and disgusting but catchy and blazing. We emailed some questions to the Cerebral Erosion damp basement and got some answers about the workings of the mind of the maniac behind the Erosion of the Cerebral.

Tape is pro printed and comes with a red and black vinyl sticker.

1) I get the feeling CE was a response to the lockdown /covid/2020 being a strange year? Can you tell about the formation of the project and how the general claustrophobic madness of 2020 influenced the project, and also how its effected you as a person, mentally, spiritually and metaphysically.

I have had the idea of getting this project going for a couple of years but with doing other bands, work and laziness I never got around to it until now. I guess since Covid, and with that, the lack of shows and not jamming as much or going out, I’ve had more time on my hands to do other things. Maybe not so much a response but more of a side effect or causa


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