Crucified Truth “Make A Stand” lp


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As a teenage punk from Ipswich, I found a copy of the Crucified Truth 7″ in a dollar bin somewhere and was excited to find it was from Brisbane. Playing it I was underwhelmed. Like alot of Australia mid 80’s punk there was a real plodding quality about it, that just seemed so uninspired compared the more brutal hardcore I was consuming at the time. In hindsight, this was probably a product of being a Brisbane hardcore band in 80’s and existing in some sort of cultural vacuumm. The original punx had all died, or moved into more acceptable, palatable music styles. Playing hardcore in Brisbane in the late 80’s was literally a death march towards a nothingness of addiction, violence, no future. No amount of practising, playing killer shows, writing great songs would ever lead to anything more then a bottle to the back of the head thrown out of a passing car.
There’s a real suburban, no one is ever going to care about this vibe here. Like inner city art wanker punk/dirge of spk, slugfuckers or primitive calc


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