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DARK HORSE reign down in a fury with the incendiary Pulling Teeth for Nothing. The Muffled sounds of forced-against-the-wall thrash can be heard charging down the hall towards you. The sounds turn the corner to your room, the second speaker takes a hold, putting the listener into place. Kicking off their second album in style, which is strictly on their terms – screaming in your face with a generous blend of crust, hardcore, and grind thrown in. It’s a bastard mix which works sublimely well! Two years on from their debut, Sick of Living, High on Death (2014), Bomb Thrower is a glorious return.

Bomb Thrower captures the sick Dark Horse live sound as you can almost feel the flecks of spit flying from the singer’s mouth at you from your sound system, and the heat off the bone crunching energy these four guys are piling into their instruments to provide this sonic feast. It was recorded and mixed by Jason Fuller, (Mind


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