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Here’s what Last Rites blog has to say about this little record.

You can sum up the music of Australian punk band Dark Horse in seven simple words: pure intensity, distilled to its rawest essence.

To be honest, I’m going to say a few more words than that about the band’s new Ideation EP, which Last Rites is chuffed to be premiering below. However, if you want to cut to the chase, know this: Dark Horse bombard those frustrations that plague modernity and our own lives with devastating blasts of uncompromising hardcore.

That’s what you want from full-bore underground punk, right? Something that’ll tear life’s catalog of woes to pieces. It doesn’t matter if those problems are philosophic or more tangible ones either; Dark Horse assail both with unbridled ferocity. Sure, a few incendiary songs probably aren’t going to solve all your problems. But Dark Horse’s music is deeply cathartic and anything sounds possible when they’re attacking the issues that thwart our existence.


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