Dayglo Abortion “Armageddon Survival Guide” lp


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Armageddon Survival Guide proves that Cretin still has what it takes to write legendary punk songs with the same energy that he harnessed when writing their first album released in 1981. This new album combines their unique blend of catchy punk rock, comical humor and pissed off political rhetoric, with lyrical content that challenges and disputes the verities of modern life. Canada’s bad guys are back with their first new record since 2003. Since the departure of their original drummer, The Cretin (guitarist, lead vocals, song writer) is the one original member. Nonetheless, they remain the same as in the old days; fast, humorous, sarcastic and nihilistic, mixing fast HC punk with touch of metal and ugly rock’n’ roll. This new Dayglo Abortions record definitely goes back to their roots with song writing and sound both favouring the punk side of the spectrum. Classic Dayglo Abortions style here goes hand in hand with feelings that are not so far from bands like Antiseen, and their anti-social nihilism attitud


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