Decapitation “Let the Killing Begin” lp


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“Before there was some so called “extreme Metal” on this Earth, there were the radical sounds of bands like POISON, GENOCIDE, DEATH, ARCHENEMY and fuckin’ DECAPITATION!!!!! These guys were around way before everybody else. MAJOR CRUSHING DEATH finally unleashed on vinyl!!!!” (Laurent Ramadier, Snakepit Mag, D.O.D.). This introduction sums up very well the contents of this incredible slab of sickness from 1985! DECAPITATION were insanely fast and brutal for the time they were around.. here you get their complete discography, consisting of the cult “Killing the innocents” Demo 1985 / Rehearsal 1985 / complete live at Canoga Park, Ca, 1985 ending with a CONFUSE cover! Horror tinged US Death/Speedcore, a pioneering mix of obscure Death Metal and raw Thrashcore violence at blasting speed. If you like stuff like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “Life in grave” demo, FCDN TORMENTOR, the early demos by DEATH and so on, DECAPITATION is exactly that kind of stuff! Quoting a review of that era: “the vocals are so sick and violating th


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