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By now, DECEASED need no introduction. One of the longest-running American death metal bands, since 1985, DECEASED have been there for it all: death metal’s genesis, its creative peak, its commercial peak and subsequent sink into trendiness, the eventual fallout and “un-trendiness,” its rebirth at the hands of a new generation, and on and on. There they have stood, simply and 100% always DECEASED, not caring what year it is or what is hip – simply, always, DEATH METAL FROM THE GRAVE!

And across their sizable-yet-succinct discography, at their heart, DECEASED have always been a great HEAVY METAL band. They proved it with 1997’s landmark Fearless Undead Machines and continued to prove it with every album thereafter, with 2011’s Surreal Overdose showing that even this many years on, their pistons are pumping harder and more creatively than ever.

Ghostly White is DECEASED’s first album since then, and it’s massively anticipated to say the very least. And as expected, this is the sound of DEC


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