GG Allin and Antiseen “Murder Junkies” lp


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Review from Punknews Magazine

I’ve always thought of GG Allin as once of those artists who is fun to like in theory, but in fact isn’t very likeable at all. He’s great to throw on during a whiskey-fuelled party, but not so much on a first date. There was never much that was nice about Allin and unfortunately, the more shocking aspects of his personality — of which there were plenty — are what he is largely remembered for.

Murder Junkies was amongst the last of his recorded material, originally released just a few years before his death in 1993. With Antiseen backing him up it is one of his strongest releases despite the tempos being slower than in some of his more popular work. While the original release had 20 tracks featuring spoken word tracks as well as songs, this re-release narrows it down to just the 10 original songs and four additional bonus tracks. Murder Junkies has some of Allin’s most notorious (since “best” is a tough label to apply to anything he does) songs, including “


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