Miasmatic Necrosis “Apex Profane” lp


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Heres a review pinched from these guys-


Blood, guts, and pure repulsion. Miasmatic Necrosis’s goregrind debut is nothing short of metal greatness.

One look at the album cover of Miasmatic Necrosis’s debut goregrind assault, Apex Profane, says it all. Perhaps a warning of what’s to come, the cover shows an oversaturated and grainy photograph depicting blue hospital garb, deep blood red gore, and a human skull adorning a tainted bronze chalice. No title– just pure exalted body horror. That is Apex Profane: an excessively carnal grind album threadbare of nuance, musical flourishments– let alone music, and filled to brim with mood and depravity.

Just beyond the filthy record sleeve is a flood of human detritus and no frills goregrind riffs. The album vacillates between succinct mood-setting moments and uptempo grind insanity. Taking cues from fast paced bands such as the seminal Terrorizer and the sonic a


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