Mood Swing / The Others split 7″


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After sharing the stage together all over the country within the last few years, Perth’s The Others and Sydney’s Mood Swing have come together to release a split 7″. The split contains two new songs from each band, and is set to be released in July in a partnership between the newly established Last Ride Records out of Newcastle, and Shaman Records out of Perth. The record serves as the first new material from both bands in a few years, with The Others following up their “Rain Dance” 7” (released December 2014 through Shaman Records), and it contains the first new Mood Swing tracks since their split with Frozen Over (released March 2014 through Life.Lair.Regret Records).

The Others’ side recorded by Cam Murphy at Opaque Audio, mixed and mastered by Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Sound. Mood Swing’s side recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Sound.


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