Necrotomy “1990-1994” cd


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Bootleg printed cdr of of the Necrotomy discography. Comes with 2x stickers.

Formed on September 28th 1989, Necrotomy was one of Australia’s first extreme death metal bands, and helped pave a path for the genre throughout Australia. Drawing on the awakening Floridian brutal death/gore scene, the band played their first gig in January 1990, and released two demo tapes in the coming years. There were also two songs recorded in 1993 that were planned for a 3-track EP named “Periphery of Consciousness”, but this never eventuated. The band played their final show in 1994.

In 1991, during a period of controversy regarding imagery in metal, Necrotomy played live on the ABC current affairs program “Couchman” in the feature “Couchman on Heavy Metal” (with subtitled death growls). They became the first extreme metal band to appear on Australian television.


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