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There is no escaping a Portal record. The Australian avant-garde metal band deliberately packs every bar of their music to attain maximum carnage. They do not yield to melody, space, or enunciation. Instead, they “selfishly explore the abhorrent side of life,” as guitarist Horror Illogium once put it. Portal’s sixth album, Avow, is especially punishing. Each of its six tracks is dense with mayhem—fast-flying shrapnel that tears through the temporal lobe and leaves you in a state of frenzied delirium. In Portal’s world, the path to transcendence is not meditation but the merciless bombardment of life’s ugliest shit. Somewhere in that thorny tangle lies divine madness—ecstasy bred from agony.

Portal shroud themselves in self-made mythology, swapping their real-life identities for esoteric pseudonyms like Aphotic Mote and Omenous Fugue. In concert, they opt for dark theatrics, shielding their physical forms with ornate and ritualistic costumes. Mysterious frontman the Curator has appeared as an evil p


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