Reaksi “Esok Hari Kepunyaan Kita” 7″


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“REAKSI from Melbourne Australia are three immigrant punks from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The band delivers direct, hard and pungent lyrical protest in their native language Bahasa. The songs attack political issues that every Asian punk knows too well, the rights of and the struggles of immigrants (Tidak Ada Manusia Ilegal, Tidak Menyerah), police brutality (Awas) and songs of struggle and freedom (Punk Asia) that is highly relevant to the Myanmar’s people current uprising against military coup junta.

“Esok Hari Kepunyaan Kita” translated “Tomorrow belongs to us” was recorded last year during harsh COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, this debut five track E.P combines the solid attack of UK 82 of THE PARTISANS, CHAOS U.K, the anthemic Oi! sound of THE 4SKINS, BLITZ and also drawing influence from traditional archipelagic hymns. Featuring members of ENZYME, KROMOSOM, PISSCHRIST AND INTRUSION.

At first listen/ glance, the sound production and art of this record could easily be mistaken


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