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Although Britain is rightfully credited for the historic effect that its heavy metal scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s had on the genre as a whole, the significance of a scene that was developing at the same time to its northeast should not be overlooked. In Sweden, for example, bands like Heavy Load, Gotham City, and Mercy were beginning to establish themselves. Similarly, in Sweden’s neighbor to the east, a group named Sarcofagus emerged as Finland’s first heavy metal band under the primary direction of Kimmo Kuusniemi. Sarcofagus first released the “Go to Hell / All Those Lies” single in 1979, and then quickly released its first two albums in 1980, the very same year in which Iron Maiden released its self-titled debut. The first of these recordings, “Cycle of Life,” provided evidence of a talented group that was on the brink of fully defining itself. While it is a worthy accomplishment in its own right, “Cycle of Life” was to be overshadowed by its imminent successor, “Envoy of Death.” Over the span


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