Schkeuditzer Kreuz “Give me Nothing ” lp


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The first great covid punk project of Australia? Keiren Hills from Darkhorse and a billion other punk bands went crazy in isolation listening to Laibach, Ministry and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten ordered some leather hats and fishnet stockings to wear on his arms and a bunch of samplers and keyboards and wrote a disco industrial punk 12″. Then set off on a one person tour of 100 small towns of Australia. There’s a real humble ambition to the whole project that’s totally anchored in diy punk, but has the confidence to break barriers and forge new paths. Probably the most important record and project of the new post covid world. Highly recommended, and highly, forcefully suggest you go and see SK play when he plays a pub, or hall or chicken coup, or treehouse or teenage birthday party near you. Better yet call SK on 0423006017 and put on a show in your rural town. Cause this is the future of DIY in Australia


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