Shed The Skin “Harrowing Faith” lp


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Shed The Skin revel in Satanic death metal. The band’s music is guided by purpose. That purpose is to eviscerate your faith and belief. Targeting their sights on vapid tradition and archaic institutions, STS cock back with an eclectically influenced brand of death metal. The feral savagery on Harrowing Faith combine all your favorite death metal elements, old school and new. Relishing in riffs slow and fast, they push a little melody and crushing breakdowns which culminate into a mastery of bone crunching metal. On Harrowing Faith, the band’s second release, first full length, we hear the band fuse into a synchronized monster. This is a smarter and more severe album.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Shed The Skin is comprised of Kyle Severn of Incantation on drums, Matt Sorg of Ringworm on guitars, Ash Thomas of Vladimirs and Faithxtractor on vocals, and Ed Stephens from Vindicator on bass. That’s an impressive combination. Sorg has taken a reborn Ringworm to new heights. He was written some o


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