Shed The Skin “The Forbidden Arts” lp


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SHED THE SKIN is a Satanic old-school death metal juggernaut, created by scene pioneers Kyle Severn (Incantation, Acheron) and Matt Sorg (Ringworm, Blood of Christ). After playing a successful memorial show to fallen friend and bandmate Tom Rojack of Cleveland’s own Blood of Christ, the seed was sown. Never forgetting Tom’s amazing talent, musicianship, and contributions to the Satanic metal of the early ’90s, Matt and Kyle chose to renew that in SHED THE SKIN, aptly named after a Blood of Christ tune of the same.

After the success of that show, they briefly recruited Blood of Christ tribute member Duane Morris (Embalmer, Decrepit, Kurnugia). Sadly due to scheduling difficulties that were unavoidable, the scepter had passed. Veteran of the death metal community and longtime friend Ash Thomas (VLADIMIRS, FAITHXTRACTOR, Estuary) took up the duties of guitar/vocals. The addition of Ed Stephens (Civil Disobedience, Ringworm, Beyond Fear) and his amazing talent solidified the lineup. Even Brian Boston (


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