Stargazer “Psychic Secretions” lp


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After 25 years of activity, StarGazer has firmly established itself as one of the most enduring Black/Death bands in the Australian extreme metal scene. And although they have remained continuously productive during the last quarter-century, their output is sparse, owing to the band’s meticulous approach to writing and recording. Consequently, the release of every StarGazer album is a momentous event. Recorded during the early stages of the Great Reset, “Psychic Secretions” is just the fourth full-length album in the StarGazer catalog and comes six years after their last album, the brilliant “A Merging to the Boundless.” As guitarist and vocalist The Serpent Inquisitor explains, with every album, StarGazer tries “to produce something forward thinking without breaking our traditional sound too much, or treading on our own toes.” Indeed, it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify a band with a more diverse, yet consistently impressive catalog. On this album, StarGazer embraces the more aggressive aspects o


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