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This record has taken longer than just about anyone could have imagined but we’re finally here in 2021 and able to say that Unbound’s “Godbait” LP is available on vinyl for the masses.

6 tracks of astral travelling psychedelic punk metal of death that Unbound are known for, merging influence from all across the spectrum of extreme music with a clear vision to represent the unique sounds that Australia was known for in the 90’s filtered through a modern lens and this is vision is carried out with purpose and intent across the entire package that is the GODBAIT record.

Immerse yourself in this album and find yourself in another time, another place. There is history in this record from the past and the future, pay close attention.
More than just sound, there is real connection.

The record is packaged in a 350GSM matte sleeve with foil-stamped Unbound logo, printed inner sleeve and liner notes, dense purple vinyl and an 8 page 250GSM booklet with unique artwork to accompany e


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