Unsanitary Napkin “All Billionaires Are Bastards” lp


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All billionaires are parasitic fucking life-suckers. Whether they’re calling SWAT teams on whistle-blowers, busting unions, keeping their factories open and laying off staff during a global pandemic whilst increasing their wealth by $1 trillion, promoting conspiracy theories and unproven COVID treatments, sending transphobic has-beens to space, or building ​​underground death-trap tunnels for commuters. And the more wealth these vampiric shitlords accrue, the closer they get to fulfilling their oligarchic fantasies.

People in Aotearoa are not safe from the malignant power-fantasies of Silicon Valley. Peter Thiel, the billionaire supervillain whose ultimate goal is to live forever, had his New Zealand citizenship fast-tracked in 2017. His company Palantir Technologies – whose data collection software has been used in attempts to spy on progressive journalists and spread disinformation online, who are contracted by I.C.E. to facilitate the deportation of migrants and asylum-seekers from the U.S., and


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