Vehement Thrower “I Come in Peace” lp


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Excavating the deep recesses of the Polish extreme metal underground, NWN! has unearthed Vehement Thrower, a band that released only a single demo and one superb full-length album in its short existence. In 1987, four teenagers—their ages ranged from 15-19 years old—began playing music in the small city of Żory, located in Górny Śląsk (Upper Silesia), a generally rural region of Poland. Although there were some punk bands in the area, no one else endeavored to create anything more extreme. After a few rehearsals (one of which was recorded but is now lost), they lost momentum. Three of the members reconvened in 1989 under the name Exhaust Death. After recording two demos—“Hangover” and “Morgoth,” released in 1989 and 1990, respectively—the band dissolved once more, but following yet another reconstitution of the lineup, changed their name to Vehement Thrower in 1990. With this new incarnation, the band began writing and performing in earnest. Vehement Thrower surpassed most of their local peers in terms of the


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