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Submitted by @queensofthepit. Photos by Mark Panizzi.

Blow Blood and Anti Vision presented an afternoon for punks and freaks at Black Box Theatre in Naamba/Nambour July 7th 2024. Bands from all over the coast and Meanjin/Brisbane came together with Swab from Naarm/Melbourne to inspire a generation of local punks.


The first band who performed was Flogg, a young bass and drums duo local to Naamba. This band was noisy and infecting in the best possible way, both members complemented each other’s sound so well. They played a powerful yet uncanny set, it looked as though they were puppets controlled by strings. Despite the nerves of being the first band of the day, Flogg absolutely killed it with a solid set full of mean two step beats. Just look into the drummer’s crazed eyes and you’ll know these guys will go hard.


The next band who took over the humble stage was Not Telling from Meanjin. This band’s sound was very interesting and quite unusual. The five-piece kept up a fast rhythm completely unique to them for the entirety of their set. The vocals unleashed a chaotic story highlighted by the odd flow. This was definitely reflected by the singer’s stage presence; she was kicking her feet on the edge on the stage before she crawled around on the floor (which was sick).


The punks and freaks who happened to be in Naamba on this Sunday afternoon were also blessed with an Underbite Girl pop-up store. This local business hand-makes a variety of weird wearable art pieces that are so beautiful. They had the trademark teethkini, which is exactly what you think it is, and an iconic meatkini along with other toothy designs. Underbite Girl also hand painted the kick drum used at this gig, which was a delicious addition. It’s so great to see small businesses support each other like this, it created an unmatched feeling of community at the event. Go checkout @underbitegirl on Instagram and Etsy. Support local always.


Swab took the stage thereafter bringing their classic hardcore punk sound with them for their first trip as a band into QLD. This band had energy. Swab filled the room with their upbeat attitude, catchy riffs and two-step beats that made the crowd want to move. The lead singer had an electrifying voice that was admirable, although at the beginning of their set the music did overpower these vocals a little bit. Despite this, Swab was an absolute treat to experience and one of the best performances of the day.


Perfectly accompanying these vocals was the energy the singer put into her performance. She was constantly jumping and dancing around the stage giving the crowed her all. It’s no wonder the mosh started to pick up during this set. It was awesome to see such an inclusive group of people having fun together. This playful behaviour was a constant in the crowd from this set, with friends barging into one another, dogpiles, cartwheels and lots of happy faces.  


Knee was another band from Meanjin who gave a great performance. This band felt high in energy which matched the fun of the rest of the afternoon. Knee used complicated riffs to create a hybrid punk-metal sound that was so unique, no one could stand still once they started playing. The band members looked like they were really enjoying themselves, which encouraged the crowd to have even more fun.


The afternoon wrapped up with Sunny Coast’s own Gutpunch. This was the band’s debut show after rebranding from their former name Ballpoint and becoming a guitar and drums duo. The pair wore matching balaclavas and head banged simultaneously, they seemed very comfortable with being on stage and performing with each other. Gutpunch had a garage punk kind of sound with hints of 90’s alternative. Their music also resembled elements of pub rock, which was interesting. Both band members switched instruments a couple times, which was cool and a unique thing to see.


This loud Sunday afternoon in Naamba was Anti Vision’s third show and the first punk show the brand has showcased. While not quite matching the attendance numbers of previous hardcore events, it is obvious that Anti Vision’s punk events will grow and gain a place of their own in the scene. This gig was a super chill and fun afternoon. Everyone looked like they had a great time – the positive fun-loving energy was contagious.


By Queens Of The Pit

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