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The new LP from industrial synth punk legend Schkeuditzer Kreuz "No Life Left" is in store now and ready to ship.

A cold, bleak, industrial, punk meditation on a cruel world and lives fighting that world only to be inevitably crushed by the gears of the death machine.

The whole album rumbles with the beat of the death machine that craves blood to lubricate its mechanics and the melody of tanks crushing skulls.

Throw in an Anti Cimex cover and you have the ultimate dystopian punk party at the end of times.

It's a grim listen. Believe me. But it hits a lot of familiar notes for anyone who's hated their boss, a heartless government and a corporate landscape that uses people and the environment like resources to grind up.

There's some sort of subconscious communion of punks and outsiders that can be felt on this record, as on all of the best punk.

Here's what CVLTNATION says about this release:

I’m Canadian, but I spent six years living in Los Angeles, and in the last year I lived there, there was a mass shooting in my neighborhood. Just a couple blocks from my home, a young man murdered his family, and shot up my surrounding streets, ending up on a college campus where he murdered four people, including a father and daughter. They were the streets we walked with our toddler, where we’d raised our teenage daughter, where we played and shopped and felt safe. Now they were surrounded by sirens, a horde of helicopters overhead, and bullet holes in windshields. Listening to people who didn’t live where I lived and didn’t feel what I felt argue about whether more or less guns would have made a difference was maddening. It felt so disrespectful to the lives lost and the sense of stripped-away safety for people to immediately make it political — but that’s what America does to keep the status quo in place.

So listening to the chaotic sounds of industrial synth crust // d-beat raw synth punk multi-machinist SCHKEUDITZER KREUZ perfectly captures the disgust and fear I felt watching the country descend into yet another Libs vs Cons debate.

“Second Life” is his latest single off his upcoming record No Life Left that’s out via Bad Habit Records and Sorry State Records on August 25th, 2023


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