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We have barely caught our breath from Sunday’s epic afternoon at the Black Box with Swab, Knee, Not Telling, Gutpunch and Flogg – but theres no rest for the sickest and this Sunday (14 July) the Black Box is heading for another annihilation with Diploid and Aglo (Naarm/Melb), joined by Meanjin/Bris acts Street Suffer and Verminate.

Street Suffer are a great example of the new wave of Brisbane HC. Young, hypo, grounded in dance floor mayhem and embracing community. Read our interview with guitarist Kaden below and don’t miss this Sunday’s all ages gig – it’s sure to totally destroy your brain!

Photos by: @_moonriot, @hyperview.v, @64_pit and @theshaneoliverexperience.

BAD HABIT: Hey Street Suffer, how are you? Can we start the interview by just getting your history as band? How’d you all meet? What was the catalyst to start Street Suffer? Was there a concept behind the band? The other thing I wanted to ask is why start a hardcore band in 2024? What’s the appeal of hardcore for you guys?

STREET SUFFER: Me (Kaden the guitarist) and Nick (the other guitarist) were mates for a few years prior to Street Suffer and played in a pub rock style band but it wasn’t our type of music. When I turned 18 and could consistently attend hardcore shows, I met Isaac (our drummer) at a Primitive Blast show at the Brightside in 2023 through a mutual friend and we made plans to go see the one and only Deathrow together the week after. We started chatting about music and realised we were both musicians keen to form a hardcore band. The week after that I went over to Isaac’s Dad’s place to jam with him and his brother Jacob (our bass player) and we started jamming some riffs I had previously written. I asked Nick to join as I knew he wanted to be in a heavy project. If Dimebag Darrel had a son, it would be Nick. I joined another band called Brawlist on drums and that’s how I met Jonas (our singer). Since then, our goal has just been to have fun and write songs that make people want to move and dance.

Street Suffer 4

BH: There's a world-wide growing interest in hardcore. What do you see for the future of Street Suffer and for hardcore? Shoe collaborations? Is that sort of commercialisation goofy and embarrassing or cool or just a symptom of the modern world and needing to monetise everything in order to survive and thrive? Do you care? Do I care? Do you believe in UFO's?

SS: We think it’s sick that hardcore has come back, and with a bang I might add, especially how the Australian scene has blown up. For us, we just want to play shows with bands we love to a scene that we love. At the end of the day, as long as people have fun and dance, we don’t care.

We’d like to play some interstate shows soon, hopefully going to Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra at some point soon but we’d love to play all around Australia. Gatekeepers may say that Speed sold out with their collaboration with Footlocker and Nike but to us, the more hardcore is exposed to fresh faces and fresh ears, the better. Hardcore isn’t here to be taken super seriously, it’s all about the community, the culture and having fun. And when do you ever get to walk past a Footlocker and see moshing on the screens? That’s fucking sick!

Street Suffer 7

BH: The Street Suffer logo is done in a graffiti style. Who did the logo? I don't want to dry snitch on anyone, but is there a connection to graffiti in the band?

SS: So far, our first two logos/artworks have been designed by @si_anoms and @nocturnthings. I think that graff has a special place in hardcore along with many other things. Hardcore combines different cultures, communities and styles into one to create such a wide, diverse community. Hardcore is special for this reason, it combines elements of hip hop, rap, graffiti, skateboarding and more.

BH: Cheers for answering these questions. Looking forward to seeing you up here. When can we see some T-shirts and recordings/tapes/records etc? Any tours in the works? Any last words??

SS: Thanks for having us and we’re keen as to finally play a show up at Nambour. The shows we’ve all attended there recently have popped off and it’s great to see the Sunshine Coast producing awesome things.

Our first show on April 27th was our first chance to sell shirts and we were close to sold out by the end of the night, which was crazy to us. We’ve got some shirts currently and will have more merch on the way soon with different designs.

We haven’t thought too deeply about tapes or records as of yet but we’re hoping to drop our 4-track demo sometime in July/August and then go back to Pip (BlackBlood Audio) asap to record more tracks. No tours have been confirmed yet but there’s stuff in the works we’re excited about.

Shoutout to the real ones Deathrow, Cold Blood, Crave Death, Wetwork and Struckdown. Shoutout to Pip from Black Blood Audio and Dylan (Ziggy) for all their help and support. Shoutout to Angie @64_pit and Harley @hyperview.v. And shoutout to all the homies for the love and support. Final words, mosh hard, spinkick city.

Street Suffer 6

Sunday 14 July
Black Box Theatre Namba
DIPLOID (Narrm/Melb)
AGLO (Narrm/Melb)
STREET SUFFER (Meanjin/Bris)
VERMINATE (Meanjin/Bris)
2pm to 8pm - ALL AGES
Tickets $20 or $25 on the door - BOOK HERE

Bad Habit would like to thank Anti-VisionNo No Records and Gutter Prince Cabal for the help and support for this gig!

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