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Caleb and Riley from Kitty Records / Mouse

Here is a little interview with Caleb Anderson from Kitty Records, an independent label working on Kabi Kabi and Jinibara lands.

Caleb and bandmate Riley Brown started Kitty Records in 2021 to create opportunities for other guitar bands and artists, and to give life to projects that might otherwise have drowned.

With their own band Mouse, Caleb and Riley also hope to lead by example and show it’s okay to be yourself and, most importantly, do it yourself.

We are pretty darn excited to be having a live set from Mouse, alongside Brisbane shoegazers Local Authority, at Bad Habit Records this Sunday (3 April) from 3pm. Anyway, here’s the interview…

BAD HABIT: Hello, how are you today? Can you tell us what Kitty Records is all about? Do you have a type of mission statement or grand plan?

CALEB: Hey! Not too bad just on my lunch break at work, hope you’re well!

We (Riley and I) started Kitty just under a year ago, with the goal to create a safe and inclusive space within our scene, to try and create community around DIY and connect with guitar bands across the country.

BH: Where are you planning to be in five years’ time with regard to Kitty?

C: In five years, we hope to still be putting out records for bands we love, including our own (Mouse) as well as putting on great events and continuing to work with bands in our studio. 

BH: From discussions with you guys in the shop, you've mentioned that the Sunshine Coast doesn’t really embrace the vibe you are putting out. Why do you think that is, and can that be changed? Should it be changed? 

C: Not so much the label, I think anyone can kinda get behind that idea, but as far as being in a noisey alt band, we’ve found our people in Brisbane and other parts of the country. Personally, I think it’s just a lack of output within that genre/DIY mentality around here. It just is what it is, and that’s okay I guess.

It was definitely frustrating growing up playing in bands up here, not having spaces to play shows and not having a community to jump into/learn from. I’m sure it can change and there probably is a desire for that from kids dotted around the coast that maybe need to see it done by someone to realise it’s possible.

BH: Tell us about Mouse. In a sea of music being aggressively marketed and sponsored posted and beamed via microwaves into our brains, what’s Mouse got for the everyday music fan? 

C: We got our debut album Here was then coming out this year! We’re super excited about that. We’re doing everything ourselves, everything you see is us, it’s all real, and I hope people can feel that.

BH: Due to my age, and really era specific small range of references, “Pinned to an Avalanche” reminds me so much of staying up late in the early 90's and watching rage on the telly. The sort of lo-fi videos that would get a lot of late night airplay. Was there a calculated look and vibe with that film clip, or just a product of the universal force of budget limitations and technical anti-proficiencies that is the reality for smaller, newer bands? 

C: That’s great! Definitely was something we were trying to do; we all love old Beastie Boys and Beck videos, so we just tried to run with that vibe! 

BH: Stoked to have you guys play in the shop. It’s a real honour. Would you like to say anything more? Last words? 

C: We can’t wait to play and hope we get to do it more times. Instores are always the funnest shows.. can’t connect with people better than in a space like that.

BH: Do u believe in UFOs?

C: Kitty says yes but in a ET way.

Mouse says no sry 🙁 

Mouse are appearing live at Bad Habit Records this Sunday 3 April from 3-5pm with Brisbane dreamy shoegazers Local Authority.

Head to 95 Blackall Terrace, Nambour.
This event is all ages and only $5 entry.

Kitty Records will have some one-off, exclusive to this show merch. Come down and support some Aus guitar bands for fans of alt-indie/noise/heavy shoegaze.

Watch Mouse's sick video for Pinned To An Avalanche below...

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@lanceksinclair is djing this Saturday morning in the shop. Lance is an underground lifer and singer for @grieg_the_band .
Come in on sat!!

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