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Why should you go and see a band called Awful Noise? Well, maybe you’re a bit of a weirdo masochist and you’re into that kind of thing. Or maybe you’re willing to take the gamble that it’s an ironic band name and this gig will serve up the exact opposite. Either way, it’s your choice buddy and we accept no responsibility for your satisfaction.

We couldn’t get much of straight answer out of bassist/vocalist Lindon, but if you read this interview you might just learn something new (but we can’t guarantee that either). You’ll just have to come see them play this Sunday 12 Feb from 1pm at Morts (tix here).

BAD HABIT: Hello Lindon, how are you today? What is Awful Noise? Why not make pleasant noise? How did AN come about? I understand you've had a few line up changes etc. Who's in the band now? What role does each person play – as in instruments but also whatever else they bring to the table.

LINDON: Going alright, busy days ahead. I mean we're just honest about our band and the name tells no lies. The band's very early beginning came from Brady Irwin (original bassist) and I just hanging out, throwing stupid ideas around. I have always wanted to be an obnoxious grindcore vocalist, so this band was the perfect accommodation for it.

Drummer Pete Robertson had put forward that he'd like to jam with us and our guitarist Chris Perkins was playing in Those Who Endure but wanted to write something along the lines of Napalm Death and Rotten Sound. We just get together, eat cheese and make up tunes.

We announced ourselves in 2017 as the opening support for an influence, Abaddon Incarnate (Ireland). A lot has happened since then, both Pete and Brady are no longer with us (they left, still alive) and since then we've had a session bassist (Emmanuel Sadek) and a full time bassist (Robert Needham), both of whom are no longer involved (total legends but).

So yeah, the lineup is myself on bass/vocals, I also manage/promote the band, Chris as I mentioned before is guitar but we now have Ali Tekesin on second guitar plus some backing vocals. Pete was replaced with Marco Foxlee, who has been bashing the buckets and does some backing vocals too. He also supplies our jam space and helps me with promotion/management.

BH: What's your role in the tour with Choof and Burst? How did this tour come about? What's the connection between the bands?

L: I just offered to help as I’ve been talking to Beer from Burst for a while now and they were asking for help with this Australian tour. Marco knows the Choof boys pretty well and because they were booked in with Brisbane already, we decided it best to combine both tours and just make it a fucking banger event. We've done a digital split together, it's on Bandcamp and is worth giving a blast (or two).

BH: You do some stand-up comedy. And occasionally do it at underground metal/punk shows. Tell us about comedy, funny guy. How does it go down outside of the traditional setting of like ...comedy clubs. Please tell us your funniest joke.

L: Man I haven't done stand-up since the Body gig you booked me on and I bombed hard. I'm sure after I see David Chappelle I'll be juicing to get back on the mic to tell knock-knock jokes. Best joke? um.......Awful Noise are a good band

BH: I know you've done a series of festivals but haven't done one for ages. I assume covid grinded it to a halt for the time being. Are there plans for a return of the Awful Noise/Lindon presents festivals? Now that you've had a massive break from that, what would you do differently from in the past?

L: I used to do SEQ minitours but they cost too much time, money and sanity. Ungrateful Dead Fest is something I would love to have come back but I need to find the venue for me. New Globe Theatre was perfect but unfortunately shut down and the Chardon's Corner Hotel was already a hotbed for so many other fests that UDF just fell into the same kind of field.

B: Thanks mate, look forward to seeing you on Sunday, you madman. What can Nambour expect? What's on the horizon for Awful Noise? Releases? Do you believe in aliens?

L: Yeah, it should be a fun weekend. Nambour can expect a shit ton of blasts and sick riffs. We will be announcing our album soon, we will have new shirts for sale too so bring money, tight-arses haha.

Aliens, sure do. If they come here and we start breeding with them then today's white supremist will be tomorrow's human supremacist and we'll have to start banning planetary socialist black metal bands from touring.

Awful Noise play at Morts Brewing Co this Sunday 12 February from 1pm along with Burst (Noumea/New Caledonia), Choof (Melbourne) and Schkeuditzer Kreuz (Blue Mountains). Tickets are limited to 50 and are on sale here.

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@lanceksinclair is djing this Saturday morning in the shop. Lance is an underground lifer and singer for @grieg_the_band .
Come in on sat!!

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