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We’re not sure if Nambour is ready for CHOOF but they’re in town this Sunday so all we can say is you better be there. And bring cash for merch!

It seems that someone in the band managed to take a break from having a good time to answer our questions, which we are thrilled to now share with you.

BAD HABIT: Hello Choof. I take it from your name that you are enthusiasts of the wacky tobacky. Everyone I know who smokes heaps is pretty useless. You guys seem pretty motivated and active. What’s the secret? What's the best video game, music and movie to consume when partaking in the inhaling of the devil’s lettuce?

CHOOF: For the proper choofin experience, we recommend rolling up to Mort Garson's Black Mass then sit down to the 1975 classic La Bête. As for video games, I can only assume most of the people reading this are on the dole and haven't got anything other than a PS2, so we recommend Sopranos the Video Game. Where else are you gonna get beat down moves like the Asshole Tax and the Sneaky Rat Bastard?

Adam, Jake, Jack and Jackson of CHOOF. Photo: Wildrose Pictures

BH: I know you call yourselves outlaw grind. Besides weed, what other outlaw activities do you do in your spare time? In case you're wondering, I'm not wearing a wire, so feel free to speak freely on this matter.

C: While we are making confessions, we lifted the 'outlaw' from some of greats like Johnny Paycheck, Waylon Jennings etc... However, we do our best to keep the spirit of outlaw alive. One of us runs illegal cock fights (not the kind you're thinking of), another is still bootlegging copies of Edward Penis Hands to sell out of his car boot and there a few other less scrupulous avenues we won't mention here. 

BH: From my sources in the Australian underground music scene, I've heard you guys have a 7" record in the works. Is this true? 

C: My lord, word spreads quick around the glory hole. Yes, your loose lipped sources are true – we currently have a 7 inch split in the works with a pack of chainsaw-wielding maniacs from up New South Wales way. That's about all I can say at the moment. 

BH: Why do vinyl in this day and age? (This is a question I ask myself everyday tbh). So much music (and culture) is consumed online. Do physical formats have much value now outside of like, status symbols or trinkets for punx having a midlife crisis?

C: Physical media is like the cockroach, a persistent creature that manages to survive no matter how hard you try and squash it. Though it's tokenistic value can't be denied at times, what else are you gonna sell for crack money when you finally have that midlife crisis? Would now be a good time to mention we'll have a 10" up for pre-order soon? 

BH: Touring!! You are about to play in Nambour and some other places. Are you looking forward to the tour? Touring can be rough, hanging out with the fuckwits in your band 24/7, eating shit food, being away from loved ones/PlayStation. Can you please give some tips on how to survive when touring and ways to not be drawn into a vortex of madness, depression and desperation?

C: We always look forward to escaping all the fuckin yuppies in Melbourne, especially when it's to play in the redneck-backwater that is QLD. Honestly few things we look forward to more than a XXXX on tap and a punch on in the pokies.

Most of us have fortunately resigned ourselves to a lifestyle of cheap beers, shit food and generally being surrounded by degenerates, so not a lot is different on tour, these factors are just turned up to 11. However, when it comes to survival tips here are a few: 

  • You can fly with buds if you’ve got a script. Sorry QLD but I don’t want your poxy shit.
  • Make sure you abuse verbally punters into buying merch.
  • Work for Woolworths, get a discount card and enjoy half price meals at all ALH venues across the country.
  • Playing with ya band mates’ privates (consensually of course) makes time go quicker, and relieves stress.
Choof live at The Bendigo 30/10/2022

BH: Thank you for answering these questions. Nambour is very much looking forward to seeing you play at Morts. A great little bar. Do you have any messages for the fans? 

C: Sure. Why not:

1. Show up drunk (no one thinks you're funny sober).

2. Bring merch money, in cash (you're either with us or against us).

CHOOF play at Morts Brewing Co this Sunday 12 February from 1pm along with Burst (Noumea/New Caledonia), Schkeuditzer Kreuz (Blue Mountains) and Awful Noise (Brisbane). Tickets are limited to 50 and are on sale here.

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New stuff out this Saturday. Swing by at 9am at 80 Howatd St Nambour.
Unsold records will go onto the webstore Sunday morning.

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@diploidnoise , @aglobrutal will be joined by @streetsuffer_hc and @verminate.slam for a killer Sunday matinee show in Namba. New line up, new venue (block party has had to be postponed due to pressure from nerds and dobbers)
Recover from @acolddayinbne in the tropical nightmare of the Black Box. Tickets in bio. Don`t sleep on it.
Cheers to @antivision.aus @nonorecords, @gutterprincecabal and @oldambulancestation for helping out and being part of the network of maniacs who make these things come together.

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Countdown To Oblivion-Brain Surgery For Beginners 7".

In the last months of the last millennium Australian hardcore went nutso for the band Left For Dead. Resist records and Missing Link must have sold 100s of the buzz saw shaped lp. It had some sort of perfect balance of rawness, smart-assness and baggy-jeansness to appeal to Australia in the very late 90s. It was before hardcore penetrated the suburbs in the way it would in the mid 2000s (Toe to Toe and afew others being the exceptions sort of). Hardcore was still for the freaks, and there was a real set off the fire hose style antics dominating punk. It was sick. Formative years for me. Countdown To Oblivion was the same crowd from Left For Dead and seemed to be even more loose and raw. 2 singers, ripped off Slayer riffs, stories of rowdy shows.

We`ve got afew copies instock now. $10 instore or on the webstore.

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